Help and Advice

Good writing hints

Numbers – Numbers ten or under should be spelt in full – Except percentages, which are always in figures – Never start a sentence with a figure; always spell out the number – Write ‘pages 26–8’ or ‘between 1960–68’ (not 26–28 or 1960–1968), unless the numbers are in the teens, where 11–16 or 211–16 are […]


The layout of your work – some tips

To be understood, your thesis or dissertation must be in good English, but it must also be easy for the eye to follow. The look of the page – Use a good clear font (Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial are wise choices) – Use a clear font size (12 point is usual) – Stick […]


Why proper proofreading is important!

Most universities stipulate that a PhD thesis must be proofread before it’s handed in. A friend or family member can do this for you; but it’s wiser to call in a professional. Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation, proper layout and accurate references are vital, naturally.