Proofreading Services

There are two levels of service: proofreading and basic editing, and proofreading and full copy-editing.

Proofreading and basic editing:

For theses and dissertations, there is a single flat rate for proofreading and basic editing of £10 per 1000 words, regardless of how many hours it takes to edit the work. (Typically, a 70,000 word thesis takes between 25 and 35 hours.) This means you know the total price right from the start, and don’t find costs mounting as editing time increases. Second reading after further revision £7.50 per 1000 words.

Services include:

  • – Spelling, punctuation and grammar made perfect
  • – Names, terminology, italicization, etc made consistent
  • – Layout, font and number style made consistent
  • – Suggestions for alternative words and expressions
  • – Alternatives suggested for colloquialisms
  • – Suggestions for alterations to sentence construction

Proofreading and full copy-editing:

This service is charged at £25 per hour (Society of Proofreaders and Editors standard rate).

Services include all those listed above, plus:

  • – Improvements to formality of language
  • – Re-writing passages with unclear meaning
  • – Stylistic improvements
  • – Improvements in flow and structure
clarityandprecision professional proofreading and editing

Optional extras:

Reference checking and formatting:

  • – £10 per page

Text reduction:

  • – At hourly rate; sum depends on total word count

Note that some universities will not permit copy-editing or text reduction of theses and dissertations that have to be submitted for examination. Please check to see what your university’s regulations allow.